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Ultimate Guide To Street Food
Feed your street food craving with Cauldron's monthly updates from around the world
Ultimate Street Food
Get inspired with our street food recipe book
20 of the tastiest street food recipes from around the world, lovingly curated by the experts in the Cauldron kitchen.
A whole range of delicious products
From Organic Tofu that works perfectly with the flavours of the Far East to our tasty Falafel Bites inspired by the street markets of Cairo, Cauldron has a whole range of delicious products.

Indonesian Kicap Tofu

This recipe uses the Indonesian sweet, syrupy, spiced soy sauce Kicap Manis and the fresh flavours of root ginger, chillies and coconut typical of an Indonesian market.

Indonesian Tofu in Coconut

The colourful and fragrant spices used in this dish reflect the vibrant Indonesian landscape and are combined with rich, sweet coconut found throughout the country.

Indonesian Bakso with Tofu

Bakso are smooth textured Indonesian balls found in food stalls throughout the country. They are typically served in a bowl of broth with noodles and a colourful mix of vegetables, topped with crispy fried onions and hot chilli sauce.

Indonesian Martabak with Tofu

Martabak is traditionally served with spicy pickled vegetables. This dish is found in food stalls throughout Indonesia and is thought to have originated in the Middle East and India, brought by immigrants and readily incorporated into the streets ...

Bahian Moqueca with Tofu

Moqueca is a Brazilian dish from the north eastern region of Bahia.

Brazilian Coxhina with Tofu

Coxinha are typical Brazilian street food, the Brazilian cheese Catupiry is sometimes used but this can be substituted with cream cheese.

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