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Ultimate Guide To Street Food
Feed your street food craving with Cauldron's monthly updates from around the world
Ultimate Street Food
Get inspired with our street food recipe book
20 of the tastiest street food recipes from around the world, lovingly curated by the experts in the Cauldron kitchen.
A whole range of delicious products
From Organic Tofu that works perfectly with the flavours of the Far East to our tasty Falafel Bites inspired by the street markets of Cairo, Cauldron has a whole range of delicious products.

Tofu and olive tapas

The sherry, olives, anise and marinated tofu combine to bring together a quick and tasty flavour of Spain.

Tofu la vasca

This recipe has replaced salt cod (bacaloa) with marinated tofu and combines the rich flavour of the peppers with white wine and lightly spicy tofu.

Tofu calamari

Try this traditional Spanish dish, with a tofu twist. The aioli dipping sauce really makes this dish shine.

Patatas bravas with salchicha

This dish takes its inspiration from a classic Spanish dish and combines smoky paprika with sherry glazed sausages.

Egyptian koshari with spicy tomato tofu

Koshari is ubiquitous on the streets of Egypt. Our Cauldron version of this Egyptian national dish uses Cauldron Original Tofu marinated in a spicy tomato sauce to top a tasty bed of lentils, rice, onions and noodles.

Moroccan Falafels in Tagine

This delicious Moroccan dish is named after the clay cooking pot used to make it in. It combines harissa, butternut squash, peppers and fresh coriander notes with the delicious sweet, apricot flavour of the Cauldron Moroccan Falafel Bites.

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Latest Blog Post

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