Frequently asked questions

• What is the best way to store tofu once opened?
Once a pack of tofu has been opened, the best way to store it is to place it in a container and cover with cold water. Change the water daily and store in your refrigerator. For more tips about storage please refer to our website

• How long can I keep tofu once I’ve opened the pack?
If the water is changed regularly the tofu will last for 3 days after opening.

• Can I feed my baby tofu?
Tofu can be given to babies as part of a mixed, balanced diet, (providing of course that they do not have an intolerance to soya), but we recommend it be thoroughly heated through first.
It can be diced and added to vegetables or stewed fruit 5 minutes before the end of cooking time.

• Can I eat tofu straight from the pack?
Tofu is pasteurised, so can be eaten straight from the pack without cooking, for example with a salad, or use puréed in sweet dishes.

• What is the difference between Silken Tofu and our Tofu?
Silken tofu is very soft, creamy tofu, which has a delicate, creamy mouth feel.This is predominately used in lighter flavoured dishes and sweet dishes.
Our tofu is firm, more versatile and is considered to be an all-purpose product. It has a creamy mouth feel and holds its shape on cooking.

• Where do the Soya Beans come from & are they sustainable?
Our suppliers have long standing relationships with farmers who grow our soybeans and those farms are in North America. That means we can be sure that all of our soybeans are only sourced from sustainable areas and that the beans must be grown in ways that are ecologically and ethically good.

Do Cauldron products contain trans/hydrogenated fats?
No. We do not use any hydrogenated fat in Cauldron products.
Very small amounts of trans fat do occur naturally in dairy ingredients –this is unavoidable - so all products containing cheese, etc. will contain minute traces of naturally occurring trans fat.

• Can Falafels be eaten cold without cooking?
Yes, all our Falafels can be eaten straight from the pack.

• Can tofu be frozen (either before or after cooking)?
Tofu can be frozen, either before or after cooking. If frozen before cooking it should be thoroughly thawed out, rinsed under cold water and patted dry with kitchen towel. After freezing, you will notice it has changed colour slightly, being a creamier colour, and the texture is firmer and spongier. It is then ideal to use in casseroles or grated and used in place of minced beef in lasagne or cottage pie.

• I want to eat more soya in my diet but am unsure of how to use tofu, what would you suggest?
We have a lot of information and recipes on our new website at where you can sign up to our regular e-newsletter to keep better informed. Basically tofu can be used in a stir-fry, added to a casserole 15 minutes before the end of cooking, or eaten cold with a salad.

• Which products are suitable for a vegan diet?
The following Cauldron products are suitable for a vegan diet:
Original Tofu Block
Organic Marinated Tofu Pieces
Falafels (200g)

• Why is there a message on packaging regarding Nut Allergy when the product doesn’t contain nuts?
As some of our products are manufactured in factories that handle nuts in products made for other people , although we take every care during production, we cannot absolutely guarantee that there will be no cross contamination. In some cases we use the same machinery for making our products, and although the machinery is thoroughly washed after each product, again we cannot guarantee that there will be absolutely no cross contamination.

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